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New Season begins Spring 2023

2 Leagues - 2 Ways to Play

#EveryKidPlays - Scholarships Available

Standard 2023 Player Fee:  $325

Rookie League - New Players & 11/Younger

Clear Creek Golf Center

Derrick Griffitts, PGA - (502) 345-3285

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Scholarship Form - Click Here

Major League - Experienced & 11/Older

Weissinger Hills Golf Course -

Bryan Slone, PGA - (502) 633-7332

Daniel Iceman, PGA

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Scholarship Form - Click Here

Shelbyville Country Club -

Daniel Patterson, PGA Associate

(502) 633-0542

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2023 Schedule

Rookie League Description

As part of the Shelbyville PGA Jr. League, this is where learning the game all starts.   For those coming from recent School of Golf in Shelby County Public Schools, and who may still need additional training, this is your first step to becoming a Major League Player.  If you have not received School of Golf training, that is ok, this league is still the perfect place for you to begin.


Rookie League will play June 1st - July 15th  @ Clear Creek. Practices/Matches Thursdays at 6pm & Saturdays TBD.   Each event will last between 45-60 minutes.   More details to follow.

*All times are subject to change depending on weather and # of players.

Rookie League players WILL NOT be eligible for post-season all-star play.

Major League Description

In this part of the Shelbyville Jr. League, more exprienced and older players will receive instructional development while participating in a more competitive environment.  Teams from Weissinger Hills Golf Course and Shelbyville Country Club with have a weekly practice, along with a weekly match.  Practice schedules will vary depending on the team, but matches will primarily be played on Thursday evenings at 6pm.  Match locations will rotate between the two facilities.  More specific information will be provided soon.

*All times are subject to change depending on weather and # of players.  

Major League players WILL BE eligible for post-season all-star play.

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